Artist Statement

With everything she creates digitally and traditionally, artist Anjenette Britton raises awareness of the mental health disparities faced by African American women. Her work also emphasizes the significance of the Black woman’s contribution to modern society. Through use of graphic illustration, oil paint and acrylic paint, each artwork is a representation of self-love, tranquility and cultural pride.

Inspired by Neo-Soul music and African American literature, Anjenette uses her artistry to create a visual representation of what she reads and hears. Many of her works derive from song lyrics by artists Yasiin Bey and Jamila Woods and poems by Black Revolutionaries Nikki Giovanni and Assata Shakur. Anjenette’s style of portrait painting is influenced by Amy Sherald’s use of solid background colors and Ronald Jackson’s style of composition. The use of silhouettes is similar to the style made famous by artist Kara Walker. ­­­

The subject matter of Anjenette’s artwork is centered around the African American female experience and reminds them to always be the most authentic version of themselves, in a society that does not always accepts or appreciate them. Each piece is developed by researching topics that focus on the heightened anxiety and depression faced by Black women, exploring concepts, sketching an idea and executing the final artwork. Anjenette hopes that every Black woman that views her work sees a reflection of themself.